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Cartography, geography, geographic information. Representation, visualization, analysis


Giuseppe Borruso, University of Trieste (Italy)
Andrea Favretto, University of Trieste (Italy)
Maria G. Riitano, University of Salerno (Italy)
Giuseppe Scanu, University of Sassari (Italy)


This session represents an opportunity to examine the link between cartography and geography, considering in particular the revolutions intervened with the advent of Geographic Information technologies (GIS, Remote Sensing and Global Navigation Satellite Systems) and, more recently, with the development of ‘Web 2.0’ and its geographical implications (Neogeography, Volunteered Geographic Information, etc.).

Geography and Cartography have been always tightly coupled together, in particular as cartography allows the representation of geographical entities and processes.
To-date cartography is enhanced and integrated by Geographical Information instruments, now widely used and manageable by researchers and scholars. Some of the issues related to geographical data are being solved, thanks to the recent initiatives from the public sector (Open Data, Spatial Data Infrastructures), the private one (i.e. Google Earth) and the so-called Volunteered Geographic Information (i.e., Wikimapia, OpenStreetMap), possible through the wide diffusion of electronic devices containing geo-referenced information.  Such availability of data and software allows scholars and researchers to cope with many issues concerning geographical analysis and representation. However, such availability raises also new challenges and open new issues in geographical analysis. The sessions therefore represents an opportunity for scholars to exchange ideas and experiences on issues related to geographical analysis and reasoning on the cartographic representation and visualizations that can originate from that.

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Slot 1

Sub-title: New experiences, new frontiers in cartography
Chair: Giuseppe Scanu
Discussant: Maria Prezioso

Presentation n. 1
Title: DAGOClaT, Digital Atlas with Geographical Ontology for Classical Texts
Author(s): Raffaella Afferni

Presentation n. 2
Title: Elections in maps. Web 2.0 and cartography in Italian general elections 2013
Author(s): Giuseppe Borruso

Presentation n. 3
Ttitle: Class structures, social determinations and hysteresis : permanences and breakings in the electoral patterns. The geography of the left in Western Europe since the end of WWII
Author(s): Christian Vandermotten, Gilles Van Hamme

Presentation n. 4
Title: Religious geo-data and geo-information: representation and visualization on the web
Author(s): Raffaela Gabriella Rizzo - Luca Simone Rizzo

Presentation n. 5
Title: The "Neogeography" in relation to a development of cartographic modeling techniques for smart cities: mobility
Author(s): Brunella Brundu, Ivo Manca

Slot 2
Sub-title: Cartography and History
Chair: Maria Giovanna Riitano
Discussant: Giuseppe Borruso

Presentation n. 1
Title: Quantification of deformations of Tunisian Modern Cartographic Heritage (XV to XVIII century)
Author(s): Saada Afef

Presentation n. 2
Title: Disclosing the hidden geography of the Italian historical expeditions to Central Asia through the use of virtual globes.
Author(s): Laura Cassi , Francesco Zan

Presentation n. 3
Title: Rome in the 18th century: a GIS application in the field of urban history
Author(s): Keti Lelo

Presentation n. 4
Title: The Costa Blanca or the Western European Florida: Explaining the Urban Evolution of A Western Mediterranean Region through GIS (Corine, Siose) Data
Author(s): Joan Carles Membrado

Slot 3
Sub-title: Cartography, GIS and Remote Sensing (1)
Chair: Beniamino Murgante
Discussant: Beniamino Murgante

Presentation n. 1
Title: Georeference and map projections to nautical charts of Tunisia in catalog of the navy hydrographic service
Author(s): Saada Afef

Presentation n. 2
Title: Territorial grids: space versus population
Author(s): Yoann Doignon

Presentation n. 3
Title: Continuous Surface Cartograms for Census Data Re
Author(s): Giancarlo Macchi Jánica

Presentation n. 4
Title: Geography, spatial data analysis, landscape, GIS/web
Author(s): Giuseppe Scanu

Slot 4

Sub-title: Cartography, GIS and Remote Sensing (2)
Chair: Andrea Favretto
Discussant: Andrea Favretto

Presentation n. 1
Title: AppsForGis (A4G): platforms for real-time data collection, for sustainable mobility solutions and for optimized management of a fleet of vehicles and human resources over a territory
Author(s): Salvatore Amaduzzi

Presentation n. 2
Title: Geography of waste: spatial patterns of rural dumpsites from Romania
Author(s): Florin-Constantin Mihai

Presentation n. 3
Title: Accessibility to waste collection services in Romania. A multiscale analysis in EU context
Author(s): Florin-Constantin Mihai, Adrian Ursu

Presentation n. 4
Title: Marginality indicators and digital thematic maps in Campania
Author(s): Maria Giovanna Riitano

Presentation n. 5
Title: Seeing the forest from the trees: Analysis and Visualization of forest cover change in the Medvednica Nature Park, Croatia
Author(s): Luka Valozic, Marin Cvitanovic

Session code: S04

The best papers deriving from presentations will be published on peer–reviewed journals suggested by the Scientific Committee, including the ‘Bollettino dell’Associazione Italiana di Cartografia’ (contacts: Raffaela Gabriella Rizzo at Questo indirizzo e-mail è protetto dallo spam bot. Abilita Javascript per vederlo. ).

This session is an expression of the AIC – Associazione Italiana di Cartografia (Italian Association of Cartography, www.aic-cartografia.it) directed by Prof. Giuseppe Scanu ( Questo indirizzo e-mail è protetto dallo spam bot. Abilita Javascript per vederlo. ).


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