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Which future(s) for agriculture in urbanising areas?
Geography of innovation and innovations in geography


Camille Clément, Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique, UMR Innovation, Montpellier (France)
Coline Perrin, Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique, UMR Innovation (France)
Isabelle Duvernoy, Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique, UMR Agir, Toulouse (France)
Luca Salvati, Consiglio per la Ricerca e la sperimentazione in Agricoltura (Italy)
Patricia Abrantes, Centro de Estudos Geográficos, Universidade de Lisboa (Portugal)


This session will examine the renewal of the role of agriculture in the urban and periurban areas of various countries and continents, in a fast urbanising society. Geography, as a descriptive science, can help to understand, map and model the relations between cities and agriculture. Landscape mosaics reveal new spatial configurations that reflect various combinations between urban and agricultural land uses. Actors and stakeholders build new territorial strategies bridging the gap between rural and urban, agriculture and food, private initiatives and public policies.

This session will focus on the major trends and weak signals which enhance or prevent a (re)territorialisation of the relations between agriculture, cities and countryside. Various scientific approaches are welcomed to highlight these renewed linkages:

  • Urban sprawl and farmland on the urban fringe: spatial patterns and protection tools.
  • New agricultural systems in urban areas
  • Local food strategies and urban policies
  • Agricultural heritage and landscape management
  • Community initiatives on nature, agriculture and food within the cities

Presentations may include case studies, international comparisons and multi-scale approaches on innovations related to the reconnection between cities and agriculture. These innovations may: i) facilitate the coexistence between urban and rural activities, and foster spatial justice ii) stimulate the exchange of goods and services, for the benefit of farmers and city dwellers iii) build on local capacities iv ) strengthen democratic processes and governance.

This session will also focus on the role of the geographers who support the innovations that they observe or offer. Discussions are expected on the commitment of researchers, their expertise and their own initiatives in interdisciplinary action research.

Read the abstracts

Slot 1
Sub-title: Qualitative analysis of agri-urban issues
Chair: Perrin Coline
Discussant: Salvati Luca

Presentation n. 1
Title: Agricultural land use/cover changes and spatial patterns in the Lisbon metropolitan region
Author(s): Fontes Inês, Rocha Jorge, Abrantes Patricia, Paul Yann

Presentation n. 2
Title: The other side of the fringe: Peri-urban agriculture and urban expansion in Athens, Greece
Author(s): Salvati Luca, Di Bartolomei Rosanna

Presentation n. 3
Title: Urban rurality or rural urbanity: the antinomies of Agro romano
Author(s): Lelo Keti

Presentation n. 4
Title: The Horta de València (Spain): a cultural landscape to be protected
Author(s): Membrado Joan Carles

Slot 2
Sub-title: Socio-qualitative analysis of agriurban innovation
Chair: Abrantes Patrícia
Discussant: Perrin Coline

Presentation n. 1
Title: Territorial innovations connecting agriculture and urban development: a typology of cases studies.
Author(s): Soulard Christophe,Scheromm Pascale,Robineau Ophelie,Prevost Marie-Laure,Perrin Coline,Nougaredes Brigitte, Arnal Clement, Chia Eduardo,Clément Camille, Jarrige Françoise, Laurens Lucette

Presentation n. 2
Title: The sustainability by Lipor: which agriculture in the metropolitan area of Porto (Portugal)?
Author(s): Clément Camille, Abrantes Patricia

Presentation n. 3
Title: Innovative dimension of urban gardening: selected case studies from the Czech republic
Author(s): Duží Barbora, Stojanov Robert

Presentation n. 4
Author(s): Poulot Monique, Aragau Claire
Title: Etre fermier d’Association pour le maintien de l’agriculture paysanne: Quelles innovations?

Presentation n. 5
Author(s): Jarrige Françoise, Salomon-Cavin Joëlle
Title: Farmers in Geneva: life courses, representations and innovations

Slot 3
Sub-title: Food, land as key urban issues
Chair: Salvati Luca
Discussant: Clément Camille

Presentation n. 1
Title: Niche level innovations in the food supply socio-technical regime
Author(s): Randelli Filippo

Presentation n. 2
Title: The construction of the local by the mobility: The qualification of the origin to the milk lambs in Corsica and Sardinia
Author(s): Lacombe Nicolas, Delfosse Claire, Casabianca François

Presentation n. 3
Title: The various scales of the interaction between agriculture and urban sprawl: Producing crops near the city of Toulouse.
Author(s): Salvati Luca, Duvernoy Isabelle, Paradis Sylvie

Presentation n. 4
Title: Cross-border metropolization: the role of agriculture in the construction of Greater Geneva
Author(s): Sebastien Alcaix

Presentation n. 5
Title: Residential growth and formation of spatial identity in the suburban areas of Usti nad Labem
Author(s): Darina Posova

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