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The metamorphosis of the mountain: from the right to the city to the ecosystem of the future


Antonio Ciaschi, Università della Tuscia, and Luisa Carbone, IBAF CNR (Italy)


The mountain, as stressed by the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio +20), plays a crucial role despite the recurring problems, i.e. marginality, depopulation, protection and recovery, accessibility, communication in conflict with the plain. The ecosystems of the mountain still seem to be oriented to find the correct balance between a continuing identity and a renewal, in order to address the biggest challenge: the complex relationship with the city.
This issue addresses the continuingly intervention in terms of zoning, generating areas with a conflictual economic and organizational variety, which can also quickly lead to the depletion of the socio-cultural identity and the degeneration of the environmental quality in mountain areas.
Because of its unique characteristics, the mountain requires a different approach based on mountain-specific research and knowledge strategies.
The decisions on the mountain and for the mountain cannot be made without the active involvement of the highlanders, who play a major role in reinventing the basis for their own sustainable development, which draws its strength from the sense of belonging of individuals to a community.
The session works on this trend through a network of national and international scientific collaborations with the Ev-K2-CNR Committee, analyzing the applications of some eco-efficient technologies and strategies for regenerating mountainous areas, in relation to the urban dimension.
The mountains have always been on the edge of the urban process and they have lost their cultural, economic and environmental characteristics. A heritage that should be reconquered through direct interventions involving institutions and communities in the redefinition of the different vocational aspects of the Mountain.

Chair: Antonio Ciaschi Università della Tuscia (italy)


Luisa Carbone, IBAF CNR (Italy)

Agostino Da Polenza, Ev-K2-CNR Committee

Anna Giorgi, International Scientific Committee on Research in the Alps

Thomas Hofer, Watershed Management and Mountains & Interim C  Sustainable Mountain Development Forestry Dept., FAO

Session code: P04

The metamorphosis of the mountain: from the right to the city to the eco system of the future

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